ABL SURSUM has made a key contribution to the history of electrical installation.

It all began in the Twenties, when the founder of ABL, Albert Büttner, developed

the basic idea of the earthed plug and socket system known as SCHUKO (Continental Europe style), which is now one of the most commonly used systems in the world.

SURSUM designed the first screw-in circuit breaker with electromagnetic tripping and became a leading manufacturer of circuit breakers.

These were just two in a series of major developments that were to follow.
The merger of these two successful specialists in 1986 made it possible to supply a seamless range of products – all from the same supplier.

Today ABL SURSUM is a very successful company, both nationally and internationally, with about 50 per cent of its turnover coming from exports.

Innovative milestones on the road to today’s technology:

1925 1st screw-in circuit breaker

1926 SCHUKO patent

1932 1st motor protective circuit breaker

1935 1st circuit breaker

1966 1st miniature circuit breaker

1979 Industrial plug and socket system according to IEC 309

1989 MA motor protective circuit breaker

1993 DIN-rail panel products

Miniature circuit breaker according to UL 1077

1998 New range of distribution boxes

1999 Miniature circuit breaker according to UL 508

2001 MS motor protective circuit breaker

2002 VDE and UL 508 certificated miniature circuit breaker

2004 Appliance connection box with screw-less clamps

Socket outlets in exclusive design

2006 New generation of miniature circuit breakers

Data sockets for Industrial Ethernet

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Miniature circuit breakers Miniature circuit breakers

Residual current circuit breakers DIN-rail panel products

Motor protective circuit breakers Distribution boards

Industrial plugs and sockets Distribution boards

Socket outlet combinations Caravan / Boats

Socket outlets SCHUKO-Plugs and -connectors

PERILEX-plugs and sockets Exclusive socket outlets

International plugs and sockets Appliance connection boxes

Data sockets

Copper International Sell   USD $   6,830.00
USD $   IR. Rials Today   42,000.00
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