The Group, among the major players on the international market in the area of cables for industrial use and transport and distribution of electricity, is comprised of 5 companies: Italian Cable Company, Siltek, ICC Special, Electroplast and Tecnoindusil.
Italian Cable Company: a leader in Italy in the production of cables for industrial use and transport and distribution of electricity; the company is located in Bolgare, in the province of Bergamo. Formerly Rota Cavi, the company originated in 1961 from the insight of the Rota family, which later grew the company into one of the major operators in this field, both on the national and international market.
Siltek: this company is one of the most important European manufacturers of high-temperature cables. Its wide product line can satisfy any application need.
The production site is located in Castelverde (Cremona).
ICC Special: a new offspring of the Group, this company located in the province of Cremona is a new, dynamic, flexible entity, which relies on the organizational structure and the decennial experience of the Group. ICC Special manufactures thermocouple cables, extension cables and compensation and RTD cables: a complete, rich selection of products, planned for use in harsh conditions with a wide temperature range.
Electroplast: founded in 1993 in Romania, since 2001 Italian Cable Company has a 50% share in the company. Electroplast manufactures cables, electrical conductors and power cords.
Tecnoindusil: the company, a subsidiary of Siltek, is located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Leader in its field in Latin America, Tecnoindusil manufactures single-core and multi-core silicone cables with glass fiber covering and special cables for the steel industry.

Examples from this company's productions:

examples of products

The names and characteristics of these examples begining from the picture on the left side :

1.Type of the cable: RZ1_K

Characteristics: Fire retardant, halogenefree and low smoke signaling, control and power cables xple insulted, Z1 sheathed. Flexible cables for fixed laying

2. Type of the cable: Heavy Duty

Characteristics: For use in hazzordous areas.

3. Type of the cables: Auto

Characteristics: Single-core cables for automotive industry

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