Series connection constant wattage cable

series connection constant wattage cable
A.N.E 106  Series connection constant wattage heating cable use the core conductor as the heating element
 when the core conductor connect to power supply, the core conductor will send out joule heat, same as they
.are of the entire cable length, the heating value of each unit is the same
This will not result in a situation that the power in the terminal end is lower than it is in the beginning end as the
heating cable length increases. So this type is suitable for long pipe-line and large diameter pipeline's heat tracing
and heat preservation Power supplied by one power point
 For Chemical Or Natural Gas Pipeline Series Resistance Heating Cable


Tecnical data

Min. Installation Temperature                            -40°C

Rated Voltage                                                   110V-120V 220V-380V 660V 1100VMax.

withstand temperature                                      J3 - 205°C,J4 - 250°C

Dielectric strength                                             2 x nominal voltage + 2500VOuter

Dimensions                                                       5.9*12.5mm

Insulation resistance                                         ≥750MΩ/Km 

Certifications                                                     CE,EAC,EACEX,ATEX


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A.N.E 106

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